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Membrane-type Surface stress Sensor(MSS)

What is MSS?

The schematic illustration of an MSS is shown in the figure on the left. MSS detects stress caused by the expansion of the receptor layer, which absorbs odors. MSS has realized ultrasmall size, high-sensitivity, and chemical versatility. Thus, MSS is a suitable sensor platform for “odor sensors”, which mimic human olfaction


We mainly provide odor sensor solutions using MSS.

Odor Measurement Consulting

For clients who wish to measure odors, we provide a solution through chemical analysis and/or test measurements with MSS.

Coating of Receptor Layers, MSS Chips with receptor layers

The detection properties of MSS strongly depends on the receptor layers. We offer suitable selection of the receptor layers for customers and coat them on MSS chips. Also, we provide MSS chips with receptor layers.


Measurement Device

We are developing compact measurement devices equipped with an MSS chip.

Measurement of Bio-Derived Odors

Bio-derived odors such as breath and sweat contain various information related to health. We focus on the bio-derived odors and plan to expand the business in the field of dairy, healthcare and medicine.

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