Message from CEO

Qception Corporation was founded from the researchers’ ambition of bringing technology born from the fundamental research to the world.

Since the novel sensor named “Membrane-type Surface stress Sensor (MSS)” was invented in 2011, MSS has been attracted much attention, and great efforts have been made to industrialize the sensor. I joined the MSS research community in 2015 and have explored the possibilities of MSS since then. The research on MSS was so exciting, and I imagined a wonderful future where odor sensors based on MSS are widespread. To realize such a future, I and my colleagues decided to launch Qception Corporation in 2022 to bring this technology to the world and explore the market of odor sensors, because we—the specialists of MSS—know the technology and the potential of odor sensors based on MSS better than anyone else in the world. Although various applications are expected for MSS-based odor sensors, odor measurement is still a challenging technology. So, we will start from simple issues to which odor sensors can contribute and expand our scope to more complex and challenging ones. To create a future with a culture of measuring odors, we respect and appreciate the basic science and technology for the development of MSS-based odor sensors

Gaku Imamura
May, 2022